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Nashville's original boxing gym since 1995 OUR 26TH YEAR IN BUSINESS

Owned, operated and created by

retired professional fighter and

usa boxing coach

frank wood

conveniently located 3 miles south of downtown nashville near

berry hill, 8th avenue/melrose, 12th south, NOLENSVILLE PIKE areas



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Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.


We work to bring out the best in all of our clients, regardless of age, size, or ability.


If you are looking for a training regimen that works, look no further because when it comes to boxing fitness, we're in your corner!


Frank Wood

Knockout Fitness is the creation of professional heavyweight boxer and USA boxing coach Frank Wood. Trying to find a way to maintain the rigorous training schedule of a professional fighter Frank decided the best way to stay in the gym was to offer his training regimen to the public, so in 1995 Knockout Fitness was created. Knockout Fitness had modest beginnings opening its first gym in the basement of a rental house, but as the demand for Frank's customized boxing training grew so did Knockout Fitness and this year marks his 26th year in business! During that same time, Frank's professional career also took off and he successfully fought across the United States and internationally from 1995 until his retirement in 2006, compiling a 26-4 record with 18 knockouts. 

Knockout Fitness continues to provide authentic and knowledgeable boxing and kickboxing instructional training in a friendly and enjoyable environment. Frank's 30+ years of boxing experience provides you with expert instruction in boxing form and technique creating a safe and fun learning experience while naturally providing you the benefits of a boxing workout. 


PRIVATE Training

We know boxing can look intimidating, that is why Knockout Fitness offers a fun, safe and welcoming environment to all participants regardless of age, size or ability. As you learn to box, you will alternate between periods of maximum effort and active recovery providing both an aerobic and anaerobic state. With boxing, you engage your lower/upper body and core as you punch and kick heavy bags and hand mitts. We also incorporate other boxing fundamentals with the speed bag, double-end bag, weighted medicine balls, battle ropes, and calisthenics in an efficient 1 hour total body routine. This type of training builds endurance, speed and power, tones without bulking and boosts your metabolism resulting in a natural calorie-busting cardio hour!  

WHAT TO EXPECT:  Come to your session dressed comfortably in regular workout attire and shoes.  Your boxing session is always NON-CONTACT and lasts approximately 1 hour.  In your first appointment, we do take some extra time teaching you the various punches with proper form as you move through the various circuits at a comfortable pace. 

You will be training in hand wraps (2" x 180") for added support and protection, and 16 oz hook and loop Velcro closure boxing gloves.  Our trainer will wrap your hands to ensure they are wrapped correctly.  We provide used gloves and hand wraps during your session, but also these items are available for purchase if you prefer.


2422 Winford Avenue

Nashville, TN 37211

Text or Call 615.255.1359

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